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About us

ETP Dystrybucja is a holding entity for three following activities related to international trade and representation of foreign business on the Polish market:
1. Export of fresh fruits and vegetables
2. Representation in Poland Latvian producer of insulation material
3. Import of natural cosmetics of two Bulgarian producers

Additionally all the companies may publish on our webpage its offers of cooperation. It is totally free.  

Export to EU countries fresh fruits and vegetables

The activities regarging export of fresh fruits and vegetables to EU countries generates the most significant sales volume in ETP Dystrybucja Group. In our business model we cooperate with around 30 producers/farmers of different kind of vegetables and fruits located generally on the whole territory of Poland. Thanks to that we are able to provide our customers with the best quotation at the particular moment. Our suppliers are ready to offer the best quality products for the best price because we always practice up-front payment. 
Our offer includes:
- white cabbage
- red cabbage
- chinese cabbage
- white onion
- red onion
- carrot
- celeriac
- patatoes (with fitosanitary certificates)
- apples (Jonagold, Inagored, Idared, Golden, Champion, Royal Gala, Gala Must). 

We may offer deliveries till the buyer or on EXW basis.

Representation on the Polish territory Latvian producer of ecological thermal insulation material eco-wool – EKO ISO Ltd. (www.ekoiso.com).

Based on the Representation Agreement with EKO ISO Ltd. we are responsible for identifying potential customers for products of EKO ISO Ltd., starting business relation, informing about features of the offered product and maintaining the relation with such companies. In this business model we gather the orders and manage the logistical process related to delivery the product from the producer to Polish buyer. The sale relation is between the producer and the buyer. We receive from the producer the stipulated percentage from the sale transactions. It is a typical agency, no fixed cost model for the producer. We have specially trained team (by the producer) responsible for developing this field.

Distribution on the Polish market cosmetics of two Bulgarian companies – Natural Cosmetic Ltd. (www.naturalcosmetic-bg.eu) and Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. (www.biopharmahair.com).

Based on the Distribution Agreement with the producers we are responsible for identifying target group to which we may offer the products. Due to characteristics of the products we cooperate only with hairdressing studios and professional hair products wholesalers. In this business model we purchase the products from the producers and sale them directly to the studios and wholesalers we cooperate with. This field is developed by sale specialists with cosmetic background and profound knowledge of this matter. All the products are described on our webpage created for developing this dynamically growing business – www.naturalcosmetics24.pl.

The companies from all the world may also publish its announcements of cooperation on our webpage. It’s free.



Proposal of cooperation:
We are looking for a business partner in order to develop cornel berries plantations in Albania, especially in Puka. We are also looking for firms interested in buying cornel fruit berries & cornel juice and create long-term business relationship with the Distributors in region. Type of Partnership: Distribution and Sale of our products, Joint-Venture. Product: Natural Cornel Concentrate juice Variety: Natural /Wild forest
Sector: Food & Beverage

Proposal of cooperation:
We're the producer and wholesale of children's apparel in Ukraine "Cvetik", Currently we produce kids jackets, coats, parkas worn in spring and autumn. We have high quality based on proper garment accessories and materials and modern curve. Сomplete range of sizes. We are open for cooperation with EU importers. Looking for proposals!
Sector: Apparel & Fashion

Proposal of cooperation:
Sector: Agriculture