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About us

ETP Dystrybucja specializes in export of fresh fruits and vegetables to European countries.

In our business model we cooperate with around 30 farmers producing different kind of vegetables and fruits located on the whole territory of Poland. Thanks to that we are able to provide our customers with the best quotation at the particular moment. Our suppliers are ready to offer the best quality products for the best price as we always offer them up-front payment conditions. 

The range of our products includes:

- white cabbage
- red cabbage
- chinese cabbage
- white onion
- red onion
- carrot
- celeriac
- potatoes (with fitosanitary certificates)
- apples (Jonagold, Jonagored, Idared, Golden, Champion, Royal Gala, Gala Must). 

We may offer deliveries till the buyer or on EXW basis.

Companies from all the world searching for business opportunities in Poland may also publish their announcements of cooperation on our webpage. It’s free.



Proposal of cooperation:
sell chamomile. peppermint spearmint dill parsley dill
Sector: Agriculture

Proposal of cooperation:
We are searching for a factory or importer to buy our cucumber production between August and October every year. Surface 3 ha. Quantity about 100 tones.
Sector: Agriculture

Proposal of cooperation:
We are looking for potential partners and agents on the polish market for selling of products for crop care as sprayers, mowers etc. We are looking for partners that already sell agro products or machinery!
Sector: Agriculture